Sauer & Sohn Compressors
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Energieeffiziente Kompressoren,

Energy-efficient compressors

(Referent: Hr. Stephan Behrens)

Alfa Laval Aalborg Boilers
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How will the 2020 legislation impact the boilers?

The 5 most common boiler failures. (Referent: Hr. Martin Hansen)

Auswahl und Optimierung eines Propulsionssystems unter Berücksichtigung von Anforderungen und Fahrprofil eines Schiffes
Selection criteria and optimization of an propulsion system in consideration of requirements and vessel`s operation profile. (Referent: Hr. Dipl.-Ing. Eric Lütjens)

The first trans-ocean transport of LNG ISO tank containers > practice & findings.

(Referent: Mr. Lesshan Zhang)

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IMO 2020 > Wo stehen wir ? Status today ?

(Referent: Hr. Dr.-Ing. Fabian Kock)

YCF Maritime
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Detention Prevention & Investigation

( Referentin: Fr. Annika Krsteski)